Introduction OSB

The Offshore Support Base (OSB) offers lay-up or warm and/or cold stacking locations and value added services for offshore vessel owners having floating equipment idle for longer period in the Americas. In addition, OSB is further developing land plots adjacent to the waterfront for logistics, bonded storage, project start-ups and/or (de) mobilisations, repair and value added services towards offshore vessel & rig owners and dredging firms.

Summarized our proposition contains:

Safe, secured, sheltered and hurricane free lay-up at central locations in the Americas
MLC certified and specialised crew with proven track record
Technical management in most economical way
Standard Bimco Layupman contracts in place
Shore and hands-on supporting during lay-up, reactivation, project start-up and mobilisation
Promotion of equipment for opportunities in the region by using the brokerage network via our affiliated companies


All OSB locations

Curacao - Offshore Support Base


OSB Curaçao

Curaçao is a long and generally flat island, stretching some 40 miles (64 km) from southeast to northwest, at much the same north-south angles as its sister islands in the ABC group (Aruba to the west and Bonaire to the east). The island is about 10 miles (16 km) at its widest point.

Curaçao has a natural harbour which is sheltered and has the majority of the time a North Eastern trade wind. Curaçao is outside the hurricane belt. Due to the availability of the Refinery and the Curaçao Dry-dock company (CDM), it offers many technical support facilities and easy access of customs for spare parts unequalled in the region. The CDM is one of the largest and best equipped ship repair facilities in the Caribbean with three docks up to 280m and owned by Damen Shipyards Group.

There are at least two flights a day to Amsterdam and daily flights to Miami.

At OSB’s Brion jetty opposite the CDM yard OSB offers space for various vessels. Draft is at least 6m and 10m at the jetty. There is only 0.5m tidal difference. The Juliana bridge has a 53m safe air draft.


OSB Aruba

Aruba is 50nm from Curaçao (Dutch Antilles) with various offshore anchorage lay-up locations. OSB can provide crew to perform maintenance duties at competitive rates and under experienced management. Also provision and supplies including spare parts. Since a while various rigs and platforms are moored at the anchorage already.
For Aruba OSB can offer storage & warehousing, repair & maintenance, logistic support and a bonded area for ship spare in transit.
Aruba Offshore Support Base
Suriname - Offshore Support Base


OSB Suriname

Due to its geographic location, mining industry and drydock, Suriname has a rich industry of machinery support, knowledge and vessel repair. 
The OSB facilities are located upriver at the previous Suralco/Alcoa export jetties which are not being used anymore.  The OSB offers over 500m of quay and jetties with at least 6m draft. One bridge needs to be passed with an air draft of 41m.
Next to the facilities upriver, OSB offers an alternative location before the bridge in Paramaribo port next to the current Integramar ISPS container terminal.
There is a land plot available adjacent to the waterfront for logistics, storage, project start-ups, repair and value added services towards offshore vessel & rig owners and dredging firms.
In the last decade, Suriname and British Guyana have explored significant oilfields offshore which are in exploration modus. 


OSB Honduras

OSB offers lay-up facilities at Roatan island offshore Honduras and closely located to the Gulf of Mexico (GOM). Roatan has a size of 60km by 8km with its large reefs giving it sheltered and protected harbours. 
Roatan has regular direct flights from/to USA, mainland Honduras and Panama (Delta, American). 
OSB has access to new concrete quays at Bricks Bay with space for 7 standard OSVs. At French Harbour OSB offers a 90x24m dry dock including a 240t travel lift. The drydock draft is limited to 3.6m (12ft). Optionally dry layup is possible here.
Honduras - Offshore Support Base
Dominican Republic - Offshore Support Base


OSB Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic, located in the Northern Caribbean has a sheltered bay Samana, where Christopher Columbus entered in 1493. OSB has a 230m jetty with 9.5m draft available. OSB can provide crew to perform maintenance duties at competitive rates and under experienced management. Also provision and supplies including spare parts. There is also an anchorage in the bay available.

Our Services

Our range of services is to protect, lay-up and reactivate vessels. These will include risk assessment, safe mooring, lay-up plan, dehumidification of space, 24/7 watchmen, routine tasks and maintenance, reporting and record keeping, provision of equipment including generators, permitted workboats, cargo boat, landing craft, warehouse facilities, crew repatriation, garbage disposal, fresh water supply and bunkers.

Our Track Record

Presently OSB have various vessels from first class offshore operators under management in Curaçao and Suriname. OSB has ample experience with technical management of workboats and offshore vessels for over 20 years.

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